A Cross-cultural Wedding

A Cross-cultural Wedding

Having met at a Halloween party four years ago, Oliver and Sally bring back the 20th century Halloween tradition of courtship, romance and “the opportunity for love” with their beautiful story. Call it destiny, call it fate but it was meant to be and the odds were ever in their favour on that one special day when the lovebirds met.

Now they share their passions, dreams and life with each other forever, for always


An enchanting garden wedding theme peppered with white, purple and soft blushes of pink florals. The absolute perfect backdrop for the couple to celebrate their union of love.


Love at first sight is rare but real. And for Sally, that moment came when she chanced upon the Hotel’s ‘Love in Provence’ theme on the web. The couple then took an eight-hour flight from Doha to Singapore to view the venue, and in that moment, affirmed all the feelings they had about their matrimonial space. “As soon as the doors opened, we gasped! I nearly burst into tears! The pink and white flowers on the three arcs, the stage, the dessert table displays, it was so dreamy and enchanting,” says the bride.


As the couple was residing in Doha, Qatar, they had to plan their wedding from overseas over plenty of emails and WhatsApp messages. “We were so impressed by Willius Koh’s kindness, patience, dedication and willingness to go above and beyond throughout the wedding planning,” says Sally.  “He was extremely patient in replying to our queries and even assisted in the paperwork for obtaining the halal certificate for our banquet.”


Sally had to operate a flight to London, so Oliver flew over in secret to surprise her in her hotel room. Nervous on one bended knee and with a bouquet of flowers, Oliver popped the question to his bride-to-be and of course, had a taste of sweet surprise-proposal success!


For the wedding, Sally wore a traditional Malay costume designed by Azni Samdin, whose delicate one-of-a-kind masterpieces are tailored to each couple. The second outfit was a modern white wedding dress bought from a local store in Italy; a sparkly ballgown that was elegant in every way and a dream-come-true for Sally as she walked down the aisle living out her princess dreams.


Oliver had his suit from Ted Baker and shoes from Magnanni. To embrace Sally’s heritage, he joined her in wearing a traditional grooms’ outfit designed by Azni Samdin.


We cannot stress this enough: hire a wedding planner! Your friends and family will be and want to be part of the celebrations and they can’t do that if they are running around coordinating with vendors, payments, ensuring timings are met, handling fussy guests etc. Emma from Decorama was a gem, and together with Regent’s Willius Koh, ensured the whole event ran smoothly. They were the unseen angels at our wedding! Our family and friends truly enjoyed themselves.

Wedding Photography by: OWMO
Make Up by: Azni Samdin
Wedding Dress and Suit by: Azni Samdin

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