Love in the time of a pandemic

Love in the time of a pandemic

Last-minute changes, government restrictions and plenty of uncertainty were just some of the issues newlyweds Gary and Shiya had to grapple with throughout their wedding planning in the midst of a pandemic.  

The couple had originally planned to hold their wedding at Regent Singapore in January 2021 but postponed it to June with the hope that the local situation would improve. The signs were certainly pointing towards that—restrictions on group dining were lifting, brick and mortar retail was also picking up and the number of unlinked cases were on the decline.  

However, as luck would have it, Phase 2 Heightened Alert kicked in mid-May and the bride and groom-to-be started to worry if their June wedding would be allowed to take place at all.  

Fortunately, while wedding receptions were strictly prohibited in June 2021, solemnisation ceremonies were allowed to proceed as long as all guests undergo pre-event testing (PET), a service that Regent Singapore offers to all wedding guests and party. Wedding guests were also given packaged food from our one Michelin-starred restaurant, Summer Palace, to bring home after the wedding.  

We speak with Gary and Shiya to find out what it was like to plan for a wedding during the Covid-19 period and if they have any advice for couples sharing similar concerns.  

Q: Why did you decide to go ahead with your wedding during this time instead of postponing it?  

A: We already had our wedding postponed from January to June 2021. However, when June was nearing and the Phase 2/3 (HA) was alerted, we weren’t sure when the next optimal window for hosting a wedding will be.  

We were stuck in a dilemma. We didn’t know if we should hold the wedding off till the restrictions lifted. However, after much consideration, we decided to proceed. Our Wedding Coordinator, Larrina, gave us with takeaway options for our wedding luncheon, which we thought was a nice touch for our guests.

Q: How did you get your guests comfortable with the idea they’d have to undergo Pre-Event Testing (PET)?  

A: We did not need to do much convincing at all! The moment we told our guests that we have decided to proceed with a 100 pax wedding solemnisation, their immediate reactions were, “We will be there and let us know the specifics to the PET”. We were extremely grateful to our guests for being so sporting and accommodating to us amidst the pandemic. 

It really helped that Regent managed to secure on-site PET, which made things really convenient for us and our guests. Despite being the first couple to undergo on-site PET at Regent, the process was seamless and well-facilitated! 

Q: Did you have to reduce your guest list significantly?  

A: We had to reduce more than 50% of our initial guest list. 

Q: How did the Regent Singapore help you achieve a dream wedding despite the circumstances  

A: One factor that we really appreciated was the on-site PET as it really saved us a lot of trouble. The process was well-facilitated, seamless and convenient. 

It was a good inclusion, especially when we are entering into a ‘new normal’ in Singapore.  

In addition, the ‘takeaway’ food option was perfect. From the packaging, to taste, and even the menu. Everything was well-planned. Our guests enjoyed it very much. Lastly, a big thanks to our Wedding Coordinator, Larrina, for being so accommodating! 

There were plenty of uncertainties and changes leading up to the wedding, especially with the everchanging restrictions, but Larrina remained calm throughout and provided us with all the information we needed. Kudos! 

Q: What silver lining did you see amid all of this?  

A: A simple wedding! The day, although still tiring for us, ended pretty quickly.  

We thought it saved us a lot of time, and it was much simpler. 

Q: What advice do you have for other couples who currently have their weddings on hold?  

A: Stay calm, and go with the flow. Many things can go out of your control, especially during this situation, but there isn’t much we can do.  

It’s always better to stay happy on your wedding day than to worry over it. Things will fall in place eventually.

At Regent Singapore, we understand what it takes to plan a wedding in the face of uncertainty.

Seek clarity by getting in touch with our Wedding Specialists today.

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