A smaller wedding, yet blissful no less

A smaller wedding, yet blissful no less 

Growing up in big families and having a large number of close friends in their social circle, it was always Adam and Poh Cher’s dream to have a grand wedding celebration that would accommodate all of their guests. Their dream wedding plans were however, affected when further restrictions on solominisation and a maximum capacity of 100 pax for weddings were imposed during April 2021.


In the midst of coping with their disappointment and difficulty in downsizing their guest list, Adam and Poh Cher were still able to experience the immense love and understanding from the people around them. We would like to speak with the couple on their journey to marriage in the time of a pandemic.

Q: How has Covid-19 put a dent in your wedding plans?

A: We had initially wanted a larger wedding celebration with our loved ones and close friends but were restricted by the 100 pax limitation back in April 2021. It was very saddening when realised that our original guestlist had to be further reduced.

Q: Having both come from big families, how did you manage to shrink the guest list sizably?

A: Shrinking the guest list was really tough especially when we had to inform our cousins about the limitation and checked with them if they can put their children under the care of their in-laws. In the midst of sorting out the guest list however, it is heartening to know that our family members were willing to give up some of their seats so that we could accommodate other friends. In the end, we were still able to work out the guest list despite the limitations.

Q: What are the major changes you had to make from your original wedding plans?

A: Firstly, the limitations meant that we had to manage our expectations and give up on our dream guest list. On top of that, we were also unable to extend the tea ceremony to our relatives, which is an important Chinese tradition. Another challenge was to book our bridal suite in another hotel. This meant that we were unable to bless our bridal party with a hotel stay and also the need a contingency plan in place in the event of inclement weather.

Q: What advice do you have for other couples who currently have their weddings on hold?

A: Our advice for the couples would be to go ahead with their solemnisation regardless of the limitations brought about by the prevailing social distancing measures. As long as the couple have put in their best effort for their big day, they should enjoy the special occasion and not allow the pandemic to dampen their spirits. Many different situations can arise in a pandemic and we can never predict when is the best date to avoid any disappointment.

Q: What silver lining did you see amid all of this?  

A: We believe that the regulations have allowed our wedding to be held in a safe environment. We are still able to continue with our wedding, be in the moment and enjoy the blessings that comes with it.

Q: How did the Regent Singapore help you achieve a dream wedding despite the circumstances?

A: We were fortunate to have a great wedding coordinator, Alison. She helped to answer all our queries and concerns regarding the regulations even when they were sent to her late at night. She was very understanding towards our needs and assured us that things could always be negotiated if it is within the management’s control.

There were many times in the wedding planning process where we get anxious but Alison never fails to calm us down with her patience and helpfulness. We are grateful for the extra mile that she was willing to cover for us.

At Regent Singapore, we understand what it takes to plan a wedding in the face of uncertainty.

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